Lauretta Kehoe is an avid reader of all types of books, but mostly science fiction and fantasy, seeking in these stories reflections of her Christian faith. Not finding many, Lauretta decided to write what she wanted to read. Then Michael added his input to “A Dream of Dragons,” the couple’s debut urban fantasy novel published by Tate Enterprises in 2016.  Lauretta and Michael have also published stories in several anthologies, including Creative Writing Institute’s 2017 Anthology “Lost,” Enchanted Anthologies: “Once Upon a Cursed Time,” “Christmas Nightmares: and “Fractured Fairytales, Volume II,” and “Black, Blue and Purple Pain.”  In addition to writing their own books, Michael and Lauretta work with other authors to publish theirs such as turning movie scripts into novellas for Producer, Director and Actor, Ron Becks. The couple are members of the Jerry Jenkins Writer’s Guild.

“A Dream of Dragons” is undergoing major revisions and has been retitled “Dragons in the Night.”

Michael Kehoe is a professional comedian, actor and screenwriter, who has appeared in several movies, including the latest Jason Bourne film, the upcoming Godzilla sequel, two television shows and two commercials.  Michael has also appeared as his Geriatric Elvis persona at five casinos in the Las Vegas area.

After raising five children in Chicago, Lauretta and Michael moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where they live with their two cats, Thor and Sammy.