Henry Williford has retreated into a solitary existence until a mysterious beauty drops into his life. Anne has no memories of her past except that she is haunted by nightmares of dragons. She will soon discover that these dreams are really memories and that she is being hunted by the evil of her forgotten past who rces her into a terrible choice that threatens them both.

A Dream of Dragons was published by Tate Enterprises which is now out of business.  We are rewriting this as “Dragons in the Night” and hope to have it traditionally published soon


“Lost” is he Creative Writing Institute’s 2017 Anthology.  Lauretta was a finalist with her short story “Food for Thought.” An alien entity who feeds on thoughts on creatures he finds on earth.  But the bizarre mind of a crazed psychopath is more than it can handle.





Once upon a Cursed Time is an anthology published by Enchanted Anthologies.  Lauretta and Michael both wrote stories based on favorite fairy tales.  Lauretta took a spin at “Cinderella” with her story called “Skinderella” and MIchael took on “Beauty and the Beast – Within”

Beauty and the Beast Within

Beauty and the Beast Within When Beauty lost her mother, and her father lost the family wealth, she resigned herself to live a quiet life in the country. But after disobeying the commands of the cursed ruler, Beauty’s father is forced to make a terrible agreement. When Beauty arrives at the castle, the beast’s heart beats with excitement. Could she learn to love him and break the curse, or will the curse consume Beauty?

Eleanor was a beauty, loved by all… until her father passed away and her stepmother’s true nature clawed its ugly way to the surface.  Eleanor, called Ella, would be put to work, abused and humiliated by her stepmother and her two ugly stepsisters.  But when the King of the land throws a ball for all of the eligible young ladies in this kingdom to find a bride for his son, the handsome Prince, how far will the stepmother go to make her ugly daughters beautiful?  And what evil will she do to Ella to keep her from going to the ball?  Some people will go to extreme measures to look beautiful, but in the twisted tale of Skinderella one will find that Beauty is more than skin deep.


Fractured Fairytales Book Two was also published by Enchanted Anthologies.  Lauretta contributed her take to the “Princess and he Pea” with her story “Touch of his Hand.”

To Princess Ella, a feather was like fire on her skin. Could she find a prince with the right touch to ignite the fire of her heart as well?



Christmas Nightmares was Michael’s foray into an Enchanted Anthology with his horror story, The Ghost of Christmas Past.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas past Santa’s not the only one visiting this home for Christmas. An unfaithful husband finds himself being tormented by a spirit that knows his secret. In the sleepy little town on Higglesworth the ghost of a Christmas past will deliver a very deadly present.




1st Testament – CIA Vengeance is Book 1 in Hollywood Producer, Director, and Screenwriter Ron Becks’ series based on his movie of the same name.






Death Game is the second of Ron Becks’ series based on his movie Hunter.  

Lt. Ramsey Hunter’s life changes when 3 cases hit him simultaneously. A rogue Cop Killer, a beautiful Tennessee runaway serial killer and his corrupt Police Captain boss blackmailing him. But only one of the cases leads him to an ending of universal truth.




 Black, Blue and Purple Pain includes a story by Lauretta.  This book was written to bring awareness of domestic violence. Lauretta’s story, “The Fairy Circle” is the story of the only Jewish girl in a camp of girls who don’t like Jewish people and how a kind Irish counselor helps her find peace, not only for herself but for her biggest enemy who the girl finds out is really a victim of domestic violence.