This week

I don’t have a new author to introduce this week.  I am waiting for a few more to get in their questions.  Any author who would like to be featured, just let me know and I’ll send you the questions.

It has been so much fun getting to know my fellow authors, either here on my website or through our radio interviews.  Each one has something different to say, each one is unique.  We all have that drive to write and it is amazing to see the success these authors are having.

Next week, we will be going to Nashville to meet my fellow students in Jerry Jenkins Your Novel Blueprint class.  I’ll be able to spend the day with other authors who are also learning to be all that they can be.  I have learned so much since I wrote “A Dream of Dragons.”  That is why we re-wrote the story entitled “Dragons in the Night.”  I know it is a great story, it just needed the fine tuning.

So I will celebrate with my new friends, wait for those who are working on their questions and invite those who still want to jump on board to let me know.  Come join the party!  Let’s get all of us out there and selling books!

Lauretta Kehoe

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