Meet T.E. Bradford, Author of The Divide Series



  1. Tell us about yourself:
    1. Where do you live? Upstate New York. That’s snow country, to those of you who aren’t familiar with it.
    2. How long have you lived there? All my life.
    3. Are you married? Happily – to the most amazing man ever. God made him just for me. I’m very blessed.
    4. Kids? One awesome seven-year-old boy. He’s my best story.
    5. Full time job? You betcha. I work in IT as a systems analyst.
    6. Education? I’m all for it. Just kidding. I started out as an English Major, Musical-Theater Minor, which is of course how I ended up working in IT as a Systems Analyst.
  2. Who is your favorite author and book? Oof, this is always such a toughie! Favorite? As in one? Okay, for today let’s go with Tamora Pierce and her Protector of the Small Book One – Frist Test.
  3. What is your preferred genre? I dabble in others, but Fantasy is my first love.
  4. How did you start this journey to become a writer? Well, when I was born… just kidding. Kind of. Seriously though, I wrote my first story in a spiral notebook when I was twelve. Writing was really always part of me, even as a kid.
  5. What have you written so far? My Divide Series currently has three books written. Book One – Child of Prophecy – releases 9/15/2018. I’ve also written several short-stories, some of which have been published in Deep Magic and the One Million project, two novellas, and thanks to my love of music I’ve also written two musicals.
  6. Tell us about your current book. Child of Prophecy is about a teenaged girl who finds out the reason she feels like she doesn’t fit in is because she’s not from this world. She’s from another one – and prophecy says she’s destined to destroy them both.
  7. What is the inspiration for your current book? My husband once said, “kids today know more about Harry Potter than they know about God.” His observation was true, but I also understand the appeal of books like Harry Potter (since I love them too). So, I thought, why not combine the two? Why not write awesome Fantasy books that also demonstrate Christian values and concepts?
  8. Who was your favorite character to write and why? Grandpa Zeke was fun. He’s an old wizard, and loves to wear his daughter’s fluffy and silky robes, claiming they help his magic.
  9. Is there anything of you in that character? You know, I suppose there is. I like being silly and frivolous, just like Zeke.
  10. What sets your book apart? Nova, our main character, has synesthesia. She can see sounds. Across the Divide, Nova finds her differences are actually facets of her magic. Instead of making her an outcast, they become her greatest power.
  11. What’s your favorite part in the book? The moment when Nova meets Salamain, the traveler of the High King.
  12. What was the most difficult part to write? For me, a really difficult part was the scene where Nova left behind her best friend Quentin to cross the Divide.
  13. What was your favorite book to write? I recently finished writing a short story called The Heart of the Ajs. It’s a Fantasy / Sci-Fi blend, with a very middle-eastern style setting. I loved digging into the culture and language to create a unique world.
  14. How do you write? Do you have a set time or place? How many hours a day? I can’t be that rigid with a full-time job. I write as time allows, and try to get about 1,500 words done on a decent day. For me, that’s about one chapter. More than that is a great writing day, but if I do less I just shake it off and keep going.
  15. Why did you want to be a writer? I used to say that the power Stephen King had was that he could take one word and put it all by itself in the middle of a page, and still make you feel EXACTLY what he wanted you to feel. That’s what I aspire to do.
  16. How do you get your ideas? I get ideas from life, dreams, random thoughts, song lyrics, other people, situations… you name it. Ideas I have no trouble with. Sticking with one idea at a time can be problematic.
  17. What do you have planned next? I’ve been brainstorming a new series about a group of women warriors who defend justice and truth, called The Fist. The prequel short-story to this series, Dragon Bond, was published in the Spring 2018 issue of Deep Magic.
  18. How can readers contact you?



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